Tagda Raho

MS DHONI – “Happy to invest in Tagda Raho – The brand that is reinventing India Ka Apna Workout. I believe in investing in startups and homegrown brands that I can help grow from a grassroot level. Tagda Raho for me is very interesting because of the innovation involved in bringing a perhaps forgotten workout to the forefront once again. I am very excited to be part of the brand’s vision in expanding and taking the workout to all corners of the country.”  #Indiakaapnaworkout

Online Learning Modules

Available for Mudgar, Gada & Samtola.

Tagda Raho

MS DHONI – “Happy to invest in Tagda Raho – The brand that is reinventing India Ka Apna Workout.”

Online Learning Modules

Available for Mudgar, Gada & Samtola.

MS Dhoni Talks About
Traditional Indian Fitness

MS Dhoni in conversation with Rishabh Malhotra on Traditional Indian Physical Culture.


10 Kg Mudgar

Mudgar is the world's oldest strength training equipment and has seen a comeback to the world of fitness over the last few years. Our Mudgar and training program - PRAHAAR is currently being used by top athletes from India which includes the likes of Indian cricketers and IPL teams.
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8 kg Samtola - Traditional Indian Barbell

Samtola - A tradtional Indian barbell which is used to train for functional movements. Unlike the barbells availbale in most gyms, these are not just used in linear motion.  Use a Samtola in multi planar movements and see the magic of functional strength.

Samtola - 8 kg

Tradtional Indian Barbell used for cross functional movements to build strength and stamina. This equipment has been used by tradtional wrestlers for centuries to condition their bodies to undertake the rigors of combat sports and to build muscle endurance.
Grip options: Shorter single hand grip Dharwad Handle Longer double hand grip - Sports Handle
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Gada/Mace 10

The Tagda Raho gada/mace is an excellent strength tool that helps you build impressive functional strength.   The gada/mace is an effective equipment to build grip strength, a strong back, a rock solid core and bulletproof forearms.   Full body drills with the gada/mace can provide an excellent lower body workout too.

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The wood used is Sheesham. The lenght of the Gada is 34 inches. We offer the Gada/Mace in 2 weight categories. 7-9 kg and 10-12 kg as its very difficult to get exact weight while manufacturing this shape in wood.
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Vajra 12 Kg

  Introducing the Vajra. This modular equipment can be used in more ways than you can imagine. The vajra is equipped to be installed with handles/grips on both ends. Long and short grips. The Vajra can provide you with a comprehensive fullbody workout. Weighing 16 kgs with the long handle. This is a must have for your homegym or workout station.   You can create an entire kit around the Vajra by adding additional grips and lever handles to make your workout super interesting and challenging.
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Home Workouts

Patented Mudgar Design

We have introduced a range of Mudgar equipment which is adjustable, modular and also has the option of various grips to enhance your workout. Our equipment is travel friendly and can be easily packed in a bag.

Media Coverage

In our short journey so far, Tagda Raho has been recognised  by the media for our unique equipment and training methods.

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