Not another fitness fad!

The Mudgar, Gada, Mace also known as Indian clubs ( clubs and mace are not the same) in the west are certainly not another fitness fad. On the contrary, these equipment have used by the strongest people in the world for centuries! While the traditional use in India, the subcontinent & Persia go back a long long way, strong men from the 20th & 21st century have sworn by the functional benefits of using these equipment to build strength.


What makes these equipment so effective?

It is their unique design. The off set weight is extremely effective in recruiting muscles to swing & move the weight around. People tend to think that momentum makes the equipment easy to use. However, they overlook a basic principle that while you generate momentum, the body produces an equal and opposing force to break the same momentum. That is where the magic happens. Try it!


The beauty of training with Mudgar/Mudgal/Mugdar etc is the movement pattern. These equipment are hardly ever used in a linear fashion. Majority of the training benefits are derived by engaging the equipment and your body in multi planar movements, which means movements in all 3 planes of motion.

Such movements provide a much more holistic training benefit to the body than sticking to just linear motions and movement.


This form training has been around for centuries and while it makes a comeback globally, it is certainly not a new fitness fad!


Our training course PRAHAAR has been designed to take you through the paces of working out with Indian clubs by introducing to the most fundamental and foundational maneuvers that will provide you with a solid base to grow from.