Grip Strength Training with Mudgar

Equipment: Mudgars Or Gadas 

Recommended Recommended Rep Range  10-15

Recommended sets/rounds – 2-3

Follow each movement back to back to finish 1 set/round.

Good grip strength can have a direct carryover into sports, general well-being and other formats of strength training. Due to the dynamic nature of some swing-based exercises, the forearm flexors and extensors are constantly challenged. In certain exercises, you are required to loosen your grip, tighten it and then loosen it again. This course will help you take your grip strength to the next level. 

The benefit of possessing good grip strength will have a direct impact on everyday aspects of your life, help you perform better at any other form of weight lifting and also help you immensely with playing different formats of sports.


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Enrolled: 9 students
Lectures: 17
Level: All
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